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Anyone for a holiday called Ms. Williams Day?

We have Presidents Day, Saint Valentines Day, Saint Patricks' Day, Martin Luther King Day ect.
I would love to see a Ms. Williams Day. I know it wouldn't have the word Saint in it, but it would be so much fun.
A few ideas I have are; Ms. Williams day could be an inspirational day for millions of students across America, for Ms. Williams has inspired not just me, but many students at West Jordan Middle School as well. It could also have a humorous side as well, like maybe include some of the mythology about her fatal horse ride. On this day people could make up stories about Ms. Williams and the horse, and post them online and out loud in public, as long as these stories do not contain excessive violence or anything graphic. Some of the stories could be like both Ms. Williams and the horse stopping the bad guys and dyeing heroically.
Any other suggestions here would be greatly appreciated. And it would be loads of fun to brainstorm ideas for a Ms. Williams Day.


A prayer to Ms. Williams sent to my by a daughter of a former schoolmate

Our lord and saviour Jesus Christ; Ms. Williams was and always will be a guiding light in our lives. As we face and deal with our trials and tribulations in our public and private lives we pray that through Ms. Williams intercession we find confidence through you Christ our Lord and in our loved ones. May we rise above our fears and worries and never lose site of our goals. May we conquer our fears and doubts to live our dreams. Ms. Williams will be an inspiration to us, always. And through her intercession, we can find our true selves, find joy in life and do right by you, Lord Jesus.
In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, we make our petitions to Ms. Williams.
(make your petitions)
Through Jesus Christ our Lord,

For now, this was the only intercessionary prayer I could find after months of a long time of months of finding former schoolmates. There may have been more, but at least I have one. By the way, the daughter of this former schoolmate tells me she says this prayer all the time and it has helped her considerably in life.
I would love to know if there are any other prayers out there for Ms. Williams. I will try to get in touch with former schoolmates and see if any of them have some prayers written down as well as a photos of Ms. Williams. If they do have some photos I'll try to persuade them to let me post the pics here.
Everyone is more than wecome to submit any prayers for Ms. Williams here, as well as suggest any improvements for the published prayer. Whatever your imagination can conceive for prayer ideas for Ms. Williams are always welcomed, and I will publish them here for the public.


Ms. Nancy Williams

Nancy Williams was my special ed. teacher from 1981-1983 at West Jordan Middle School. Sadly, I learned that she died in an accident involving a horse; I think around 1985. A fellow student read a news article about her death from the the daily newspaper outloud at lunch. The article stated that Ms. Williams was horseback riding on a trail in the mountains in Utah; I think it was the Wasatc mountains. She died of a serious head injury because the horse she was riding on got out of control and kicked her in the head.
That was the actual account of how she died, but over the years diferent accounts of how she died circulated among fellow schoolmates and the population at large. She became an urban myth and legend. Here is just a sample of the different stories;
1. Ms. Williams was horseback riding on a muddy and slippery mountain trail. The horse slipped, whick caused Ms. Williams to fall of the horse onto the ground, then the horse fell on her and killed her instantly. It wasn't the horses fault, just a freak accident.
2. Same story as the actual newspaper article, but various locations of where this took place, like Arizona, Alaska, Nebraska, ect.
3. This one takes place on another mountain trail, next to a steep slope. Both she and the horse accidentaly lost balance and fell thousands of feet into a huge canyon and into a big river.
And it goes on and on. Most of the stories I don't remember.
To many fellow schoolmates Ms. Williams is their patron saint. While I don't have any photos of Ms. Williams myself I have seen other schoolmates with photos of her and a lot of them would prayers on the back to Ms. Williams. A lot of these prayers were intercessionary prayers, some petitioning prayers and a little poetry. It was totally unlike the prayer cards of patron catholic saints you can purchase at Loretto Chaple's gift shop. Loretto Chapel is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
This blog entry and this whole tribute site to Ms. Williams will be a work in progress. And it will get more interesting over time. Thank you for your patience.